Anime, or Japanese cartoons, have something I've always been intersted in, even though I didn't know what it really was. (Read this to mean Voltron). Now that I'm older, I have money to spend on some series, and can indulge my fangirlish tendencies. Better than, say, stalking race car drivers.




Sailormoon, while it is nearly fifteen years old, is probably one of my most loved series. It was the series that got me into fan fiction. Or, at least gave me a name for the crap in my notebook that was based on different cartoon series.

Lissa's Guide to the Sailor Senshi: My half-finished Sailormoon tribute site. I keep on trying to finish it, but always fail. Maybe one of these years...


Otaku Senshi

Almost every Sailormoon fan has some sort of fan senshi, only because Naoko Takeuchi left the canon universe open to those possibilities. Some people use creative planet names and such for their senshi. Me? I keep my old school, "cliche" senshi.


Solaris' Crease: the page dedicated to my otaku senshi, Sailorsolaris, and her "court". Maybe, eventualy, I'll have some fiction on there involving them. Depends on if the muses come back.



Revolutionary Girl Utena, or Shoujo Kakumei Utena, was the second anime I got really big into. It's really hard to describe what it IS about without watching the series. Which is why it's so hard for me to create a page for the series.


There will be one here eventually.



Sailor Moon

Solaris' Crease




Icon Wench

Shattered Dreams



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